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Bashers Cricket Club


Leisure vs Wellington Lumberjack – Sun. June 18

(Courtesy of Paps) FATHER’S DAY, BASHERS, CRICKET ALL HAPPENING SUNDAY MORNING! Our very sober skipper first to be at the camel only to find out it’s closed! Calls were made to the club captain, who called Alice. She didn’t answer. Bambi called Steve, Tampon called Steve, Alice called Steve, Steve didn’t answer. All the while, we were being subjected to life affirming soundbites from three gurning kunts who had just come out of Lola and decided to latch on to us. Eventually we got in, but pies not an option. It’s Ok, at least we can pack an esky but what’s this…no bus either?! So leave the Esky for business

Gaelic Football Lumberjack

On a blazing hot March Saturday the Bashers took to the field to take part in the annual Gaelic Football tournament for beginners.
The Bashers are so pretty Road Trip!

Shit Shoes’ Highlights Clips 2015

Nanjing Stixes

Business vs Hot Dogs Pictorial Lumberjack, 13 September

Business vs Hot Dogs Sadly the Business were knocked out of semifinals contention by runrate in the dark on Sunday night (although Tank was confident there was still the slimmest mathematical chance).

Gaelic Report, 7th March

The Bashers Gaelic Team included: Stats, Shit Shoes, Messi, Miyagi, Korean, Cassius, Pope, and Tantric, plus some ringers as well. It was a beautiful day, if with a crisp breeze, and we had a lot of fun.

Some shots from the weekend – 2 new Bashers!

2 new Bashers taking their medicine. Welcome to Basher No.221 Ed “Truffles” Jones and Basher No.222 Christian “Richie’s Raging Hard-on” Williams who made their debut for the Leisure on Sunday!!!

Nets action

Great session out at SRFC yesterday. With the sun out and a breeze in the air 15 Bashers made 2 hours fly by.

Bashers Social Sixes Lumberjack, 8 December

BASHERS 73 vs HOT DOGS 48 Another win for the Bashers Social Sixes against our old rivals the Hot Dogs, to make it three wins in a row (out of three games played) in the indoor league.

Bashers Social Sixes Lumberjack, 1 December 2013

Bashers 112 vs Hot Dogs 57 The Bashers Social Sixes continued their winning form, with a strong performance against the Hot Dogs, to go to the top of the league table! So thanks to Long Dong who stood in as skipper, and the Bashers who turned up to play (especially those who doubled up for the Mongrels). I've had to report solely from the game data provided by Filthy, so please excuse the lack of detail!

The Bashers Season of Outrageous Fortune

Bashers + Geishas It's now time for you to forward your pics + vids to me for the end of season video to be premiered at the AGM on the 22nd... So please email/drop-box your classic photos of Bashers events, games, any team photos, any Bashers initiations, anyone making a pit-stop or using a Pee-cup, with the exception of Woodstock's photos at Sinbad's 4th Farewell Party (or was it the 5th)... I don't have any record of the awesome Spring Boat Trip earlier in the year - so hopefully someone wasn't enjoying the VIP champagne as much as me and took a few pics!
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