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Winter Indoor League Closed Down…

SAD NEWS - THE ARENA IS CLOSING ON 1 DECEMBER, SO THERE WILL BE NO WINTER LEAGUE... Looks like we're good to go - we've got enough support to enter a team into the competition!

Bashers Slayers Lumberjack, 1 March

Bashers Slayers Lumberjack It's taken a while to get the scorecards from the arena, hence the slight delay in posting the match reports. This was a classic Chinese one-day weekend, and the Slayers were struggling for numbers until Messi and Parrot chirped that they would play late in the day before the match up. I should also like to mention that Hardon put his name forward at Bashers drinks on Thursday, and had to be reminded that he was playing on match day!

Bashers Slayers Lumberjack, 1 February 2015

Bashers Slayers 57 vs Cape Grape 92 Hot Dogs 111 vs Bashers Slayers 70 A cold, grey day for a brace of ragged Bashers Slayers performances, and Spanner's Stag night the previous day certainly didn't help. G'rilla and Paps had to work, so thanks to Cranky and Hothead for stepping up at the last minute. It was a pretty forgettable afternoon, so I'll focus on the positives:

Bashers Slayers Lumberjack, 18 January

The morning dawned hazy and cold, as Shitshoes, Peking & Messi arrived at the Camel just in time to see Starc claim the first Indian scalp at the MCG before heading off to the Arena. It was an empty & frosty Arena, and we discovered the Hot Dogs were short meaning Malpass & Cummings would play from the Hot Dogs A side. Korean, Sharapova & Long Dong arrived soon after to make up the Bashers Slayers team.

Bashers Slayers Lumberjack, 30 November

After Tank’s critique of the last round’s lumberjack, I hope this is more acceptable. Three Bashers, with heavy heads from the previous night’s End of Season Bash, arrived at the Camel at 11.45am. Peking rode up on his bike, and everyone immediately jumped into a passing taxi, leaving Peking’s keys hanging in the bike lock (later Tantric was able to take the keys out and hand them to the Camel bar staff – cheers Tantric). This shows the mental preparedness of the team – totally focused on the afternoon’s games.

Bashers Slayers (Social Sixes) Match Reports, 16 November 2014

Game 1: Pudong 72 vs Bashers Slayers 124 Game 2: Hot Dogs 85 vs Bashers Slayers 65
The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Bashers Social Sixes Lumberjack, or “How the Bashers lost a final by 1 run”, 9 March 2014

The smoke or smog hasn't cleared up much outside, and I'm sore all over from doubling up for the Mongrels, but I have the scorecards and can relate the story of "How the Bashers lost a final by 1 run". But first, I need to describe the semi-final, because it was the high point of the afternoon and we need some positivity to this Lumberjack. I'll add that we finished top of the league in the regular season with 9 wins, and just 2 losses, so we were confident we could pick up a win in the final, but the fairytale ending wasn't to be...
The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Bashers Social Sixes Lumberjack, 2 March

Bashers Social Sixes 98 vs Hot Dogs 50 Bat 1: Shitshoes (19) & Hollywood (22) - 41 runs Bat 2: Long Dong (13) & Satchel (20) - 33 runs

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Bashers Social Sixes Lumberjack, 16 Feb ’14

Bashers Social Sixes looking sharp in the new team shirts
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