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Farewell Martin Crowe

I grew up in the 80s when NZ had a golden age of test cricket, and there is no doubt it was led by the bat and later the intelligent captaincy, of Martin Crowe. He was a legend, so often the man carrying the whole side and country, and his passing this morning at 53 was far too soon.

Bowled Over – Bashers make the Global Times!

Global Times met with some of the Bashers to discuss cricket in Shanghai over drinks before Chinese New Year. I think the main reason was because the Cricket World Cup was just starting in NZ and Australia (but it could also have been a very slow news week). Anyway, after meeting Shit Shoes and Korean, and then wechating with Sharapova, the reporter came up with this article.

Phil Hughes

Australian Cricketer Phil Hughes died today, three days before turning 26. I read this news while I was meant to be working on the Bashers awards presentation for this Saturday. If this years awards are a little lacking then I apologise, I was distracted and shaken by the news.

Cricket is Back in America

I guess The Atlantic got wind of all the Bashers who have recently relocated to the States; cricket is apparently undergoing a quiet resurgence in the U.S. this summer.

The Sydney Cricket Ground Converts for Baseball

Watch as the Sydney Cricket Ground is converted for the first two games of the 2014 Major League Baseball Season.
There's cricket outside the Bashers?

How do we get this guy to Shanghai? A Basher in the making … ?

307 from just 115 balls including 27 towering sixes... in a 50 over game. Can we find this guy some work in Shanghai please, and recruit for the Bashers!?

[Cricket Comedy] Don’t forget the names of fielding positions over the winter!

Just a little humour now that we're going into the Indoor Season for Shanghai cricket. Click the image below to enlarge...


          What started as a call for a good Thursday drinks turn-out quickly escalated into a global call to all BASHERS to be upstanding and celebrate the fact that they will always be a BASHER!
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Basher 162 – Campo in town

One of the Bashers 2010 Vintage will be arriving in Shanghai on Thursday evening, and heading straight to the Camel.
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