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Sharapova features in BBC article

Our very own Chinese national captain, Sharapova, featured recently in this article on the BBC - nicely spotted by Post-Op and Dags!

@basherscc Instagram

@basherscc is live and kicking for 2013. If you have any basher related photos send them over to i have started putting a few up there this week. Please send through what you have so we can cover the action across all three divisions.
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Hoggy’s – How to speak like a Yorkshire man – Part 2

If you've mastered part 1 of the how to here is part 2... If you ever hear the word "Nowt" - it means "nothing" "As tha' got owt for nowt agen shite shoes?" (also note shit is pronounced shite - like white)
On-Air stupidity

Hoggy’s – How to speak like a Yorkshire man – Part 1

This may be a bit of a random post but as many of you have been trying and badly failing to pull off my Yorkshire accent I thought I should give you all some pointers… Dags' especially you!

Bashers Facebook Re-fresh

We have been doing a bit of house keeping and moved the Bashers Facebook page to the new group format. If you were a member of the old group you need to head over here and like the new page. If you weren't a fan before then why the hell not (apart from the obvious reason of it being blocked. Easy answer...V....P....N)

The Saint’s Shout-out

Doing radio commentary for the test at the Gabba today Bryan Waddle and our Patron Danny Morrison give some love to the Bashers.
On-Air stupidity Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn There's cricket outside the Bashers?

Danny “Saint” Morrison exclusive

Harsha Bhogle has a chat with Danny 'Saint" Morrison... Check out the link (Cricinfo) (there's 4 parts):-

The Saint on the Mic needs our help

Calling all clever bastards. Everybody wake up! Our own patron Danny Morrison has been contracted to lend his expertise and vocals to commentate in the upcoming IPL. He needs our help with some original chirps to pull out for those spectacular plays. Hardly anyone could sound more Basher-like than D-Man already does but come on ya pissheads, get amongst it, ya mongrels, herein lies the challenge to the Bashers, lets get on the underwood and come up with some gems for our little over-achieving friend. Submit away below. If your line gets used by the big little guy Loosey will buy a round.
On-Air stupidity

Bashers Broadcast Episode Sixteen

Well, Omega is the guest and i think we've said enough already so... Merry Christmas. [podcast][/podcast]
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