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Business vs K2 Leopards, May 5th Lumberjack

A bright morning for the 4th Business game of the season against the lottery that is K2 Leopards cricket. By popular demand the team arrived nice and early at the SRFC for their afternoon match. Shandy took some fielding drills will other prepared by joining the Dragons net session.

Filthy won the toss and inserted the K2 side. Dazzler opened from the Far End and immediately found the edge of the K2 openers bat only for the ball to thunder into Tubby’s ample bosom, dribble down to his thigh before finding the turf. In true Dazzler stlye he simple commented “Chin up old chap, not to worry, tally ho!” and returned to the top of his mark. The Bashers weren’t punished for the drop as Paps from the Smoke Stack End found swing in his opening over to knock back the off stump of the aforementioned batsmen. The third over of the innings saw Dazzler go route one also with a swinging and seaming delivery clipping the top of off and sending back the other K2 opener for a golden duck! (4-2 in the 3rd over). K2 put together a mini recovery and saw off the reaming opening spells but the introduction of the captain quickly put paid to the stand.

Cassius with his injured and strapped right hand shat his pants and called for help before clutching on to a skier centimetres from the ground. DID WE HEAR THE END OF IT THAT DAY, FUCK NO! (31-3 in the 12th). Smurfy and Shandy were introduced into the attack straight after drinks but again the K2 batsmen resisted without managing to get away from the Business attack. At 65-3 in the 21st over Smurfy finally got reward for his tight spell as Stats took a simply catch at point. The opposition captain, Waqar, quickly followed to a great piece of deception from Smurfy and lightning quick reflexes from A Tois and the stumping left K2 73-5 after 23 overs. The key wicker of Shafqat followed as Smurfy once again breached the non-existant defence of the K2 middle order and found the poles (80-6 after at drinks). The Business took their foot off after drinks and K2 put on their best partnership of the match as 35 runs come in quick time with Filthy butchering a chance at cow corner. Paps was re-introduced and quickly found the right length and picked up two bowleds to have K2 155-8. Filthy retuned to clean up that tail and the Business found themselves chasing 133 for victory.

Shandy and Stats opened up and the relief was palpable as Shandy got through his first couple of balls without giving catching pratice to the cordon. The choice by K2 to open with slow bowlers wis difficult to understans and the Business openers quickly got into their stride (by that I mean Shandy played shots, Stats didn’t). Waqar quickly saw the error of his ways and brought himself on 2nd change and fascinating battle ensued. Shandy advanced down the wicket on several occasions and Waqar responded with some well directed quick deliveries. It was great cricket to watch and clearly Stats much preferred watching it than facing it! But both openers made it through Waqar’s spell and at drinks the Business were 63-0.

K2 really didn’t seem up for the fight and Shandy’s chanceless knock really brought them to their knees. The 100 partnership came up in the 19th over but it also brought about the dismissal of Shandy caught on the poor side at long on. He clearly enjoys dinner for two with 69 off just 66 deliveries. New addition Lunchcutter made it quite clear that he was batting at three and Dazzler was quickly relegated down the order much to his obvious delight. Lunchcutter settled in very well and looked at home against the 9 different bowlers K2 used. With victory only 3 runs away Stats played his get out shot and promptly got out for a well complied 37. The 8 wicket victory a formality from there.

Shandy 69 (off 66) 0-32 off 5, 1 catch
Stats 37 (off 66), 1 catch
Paps 3-22 off 8
Filthy 3-20 off 4.4
Smurfy 3-21 off 8

Business firmly ensconced at the top of the D1 table with a final re-match to look forward to later in May.
Sterling performances after a shoddy first up match. Keep it up, lads.



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