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Bashers Pleasure vs D.P.R Harddogs Match Report

With a 1:30pm (Saturday) start to our game we pondered why we deserved this lovely time slot. Then we realized we had done nothing and it was only because we were playing a D.P.R. ****dog team that we had such a convenient start time. We discussed team tactics over a few Crown Lagers while we waited for Birdshit to arrive, which never eventuated. We jumped on the bus and headed to Dulwich in HIGH spirits.

Woodstock won the toss and elected to field first as the ground was wet from rain earlier in the day and the outfield would dry up later. He then opened the bowling with himself and Long Dong. Woodstock took first blood and got Damon out for his third straight duck (quoted from his team mate who has wished to remain anonymous). They bowled consistently with extras at a minimum. A change of pace was a great tactic by the captain when he brought on Inquisition & Made In. The doggies were unaware that the Inquisition onslaught to come. He mixed it up well and took our best bowling figures this year of 5/15, off 5 overs. Pusher and Swahili took over the reins as the heavens opened and rain the size of golf balls came down. Credit to the batsmen as they decided to continue and play in the treacherous conditions. They would regret that decision with Swahili taking two and Pusher taking one. The Harddogs then did something that was unexpected and called last man standing as they had failed to get 11 players to the match. The last batsman batted the innings out, adding at least another 30 runs to their total. Notable fielding came in the way of Walrus dropping a catch off his family jewels and Tank juggling one before it hit the ground.

Woodstock and Made In walked on with 115 to win off a wet ground and a pitch that was better described as a swimming pool. Everything was going well at the 5th over stage when we were 30/1. Woodstock hitting some big boundaries and Made In playing some nice shots that would have done better on a dry surface. Then there was a Bashers collapse, losing 6 wickets in the next 5 overs. It was left up to the rear guard to carry us through. Birdshit & Pusher troubled the bowlers, before both getting out LBW (4 LBWs during the Bashers innings). One of the Harddogs got injured and due to their short numbers requested one of our players to field for them. In the spirit of the game we gave them our best fielder Made In who fielded brilliantly. Smasher put on 19 runs before deciding to finish his day by smashing the stumps with his bat. Inquisition and Walrus pushed towards the target, but came up just short as Inquisition got out on 23 runs. We looked and contemplated whether to take the 30+ runs for white uniform infringements. After about 2 seconds of deliberation we decided against it and headed to watch the President at Big Bamboo, Hongmei.

Man of the Match performance by Inquisition. We look forward to redeeming ourselves against the Hotdogs this weekend.

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