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Bashers Cricket Club

2016 June

Lumberjack: Leisure Vs Dukes – June 19

After seeing their previous game rained out, the Bashers Leisure were keen to get out in the sunshine and get amongst it. The Bashers hadn’t supped from the furry cup of success since April the 24th. After a rained out game and a thrashing at the hands of Dukes it was time to make amends.
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Summer T20 Tournament

The league will take a break soon for the usual summer T20 tournament. We'll have 2 teams in the tournament. See the schedule below.
1st XI Hands Up!

Business team for Sunday

The Business team for this Sunday's game at the SCSC is: Cassius Korean Square Root
3rd XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Teams for the weekend

Here are this weeks teams! Pleasure vs Pudong - Saturday @ Wellington 1pm - bus at 12pm Skid Row
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SCSC Registration

Everyone should register for the SCSC (the ground which we play most of our games) via WeChat using the info in the following link. This also gets you a card to pay for stuff there.
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