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Bashers Cricket Club

2015 November

The Bashers are so pretty Road Trip!

Shit Shoes’ Highlights Clips 2015

Nanjing Stixes

Xiamen Tour Report 2015

Since Mr Bullet Bond, licensed to thrill, is deep undercover, and the season is fast drawing to an end, here are the general (or hazy) events of the Xiamen Tour 2015...
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Beer

Off-season Thursday Night Drinks

The season is fast coming to an end, and unfortunately, there isn't going to be any indoor this winter (due to the Arena going bust), so we'll all have to wait until next March to play some cricket. That doesn't mean that Bashers drinks aren't happening, so if it's Thursday night, then get to the Camel after work for Bashers Drinks!

Winter Indoor League Closed Down…

SAD NEWS - THE ARENA IS CLOSING ON 1 DECEMBER, SO THERE WILL BE NO WINTER LEAGUE... Looks like we're good to go - we've got enough support to enter a team into the competition!
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