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Bashers Cricket Club

2015 April

Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Cricket Shanghai Road Trip!

SCC Pirates vs China Women

GAME: SCC Pirates vs China Women (25 over match with lunch break) WHEN: Sunday 10.30am, 3 May 2015

The Devil’s Dungeon, Business Lumberjack, 26 April (Rated S for Shrek)

The Devil’s Dungeon: A Tale of Kinky Cricket The Bashers Business had no idea what was about to happen to them. Not an inkling that they were about to be subjected to the most sadistic and probing of their games ever endured by a cricketing team.

Umpire Volunteers

We all love to play, but we don't often think about the neutral umpires for our D1 and D2 games. The Bashers already contribute to the SCC in other areas, but it seems few Bashers are volunteering to umpire games.
1st XI Hands Up!

Business Team for Sunday

Business vs Daredevils, 12.30pm Sunday afternoon at Wellington (11.30am bus from the Camel) 1. Cassius

Custom your Baggy Blue!

How do you custom your Baggy Blue (or any other Bashers kit)? First off get to the right place - Shop 405, 7F, Tower around the back of the Fabric Market (nearby our Tailor). See the map:

Lumberjack – Leisure vs Dulwich 19th April 2015

An overcast Shanghai morning on Sunday, saw a resplendent Leisure team preparing for their 3rd game of the season against Dulwich. Confidence was high after a resounding win the week before and the usual pre-game rituals of pies and beers on the bus helped this group of consummate sports men and women prepare in true Leisure style(Thanks Woody for another delicious selection of pastry goods).

Lumberjack Pleasure v Digitals 19th Apr

Bashers Pleasure has introduced new players this season, both expat and local, and we have a very talented and competitive team. So it was a good test against a Digital side that comfortably won in last season’s final. This game was at Wellington International School which is growing on me as a cricket fixture.

Lumberjack | Leisure vs Hot Dogs SRFC Far | SUN 12 APR 2015

After scrambling around frantically the week before, the club was able to serve up more than the 33 soldiers needed to contend for what was an early season shot at a Bashers Day achievement. Bashers Leisure enlisted three debutants into the ranks, and we met at The Camel to share a big 45-seater bus with the Business team.
3rd XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Leisure & Pleasure Teams for April 19

Leisure vs Dulwich, 8.30am (bus at 7.45am) 1. Dags (c) 2. The Gear (wk) 3. Tucker 4. Pillow

Lumberjack – Business vs. K2

Lumberjack - Business vs. K2 Game 1 - 12th April, 2015 at SCSC Pre-Match The bus journey to the ground, joint with Leisure, began with Stats declaring the back of the bus sacred ground and only to be occupied by those playing Business. But as the laws of the land don't apply to birds we were made to bear the chirping of Parrot.
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