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Bashers Cricket Club

2013 November

[Cricket Comedy] Don’t forget the names of fielding positions over the winter!

Just a little humour now that we're going into the Indoor Season for Shanghai cricket. Click the image below to enlarge...

Bashers Social Sixes Match Report, 24 November

Bashers Social Sixes 137 vs NCA Academy 81 It was a miserable Shanghai day as four bashers (S.S., Tank, Sick Note, and Post-Op) assembled at the Camel at high noon. Spanner and the Gear were there to provide moral support before we left while watching the boxing. The taxi ride out was relatively calm as Sick Note called "shotgun" and directed the taxi driver admirably, that is, until the driver played chicken with a truck in the lane leading up to the Arena. We managed to arrive in time, and joined Long Dong in surveying our opponents warm up. Paps arrived just in time, after a flurry of messages and phone calls (claiming that he drove this way or that way or wasn't used to this particular route).

Let’s clown around for Latex’s birthday!

Dust off your unicycle.  It's time to juggle, guzzle, and swing from a trapeze... or chandelier.

Indoor Cricket – Players needed for Sunday

This season the Bashers are entered in the social six-aside Sunday Indoor league. We have our first game this weekend, but with the tour to Guangzhou and a few others away we are still trying to fill the roster. The game starts at 1pm at Nforce Arena in Pudong. If you want to play, sign up below.

Sign up NOW for indoor cricket

Please get on the blog and show your availability for indoor as soon as possible (we need to confirm which league(s) we enter).
3rd XI Hands Up!

Leisure Squad for the Final

Players and supporters who want to take the bus should be at the Camel at 7am. Those who are going directly to Dulwich should be there at 8 (the game will start between 8.30 and 9, depending when we can get onto the ground.
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