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Bashers Cricket Club

2012 December

1st XI 2nd XI

Final Match Report of 2012

Daredevils Digital 54 vs Pleasure 66 It was a great team effort by the Pleasure this week to dominate one of the better teams in the league. Since I use the bowlers in standard 2 x 2 cover formation I can give the bowling partnerships:
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SCC GenCom Positions for 2013

Calling all Bashers! 2013 is going to be a critical year in the development of the SCC, and as such it is important for us as members to get involved and help.

Bashers Christmas Quiz! 19th December @ The Camel

Remember the quiz is this Wednesday @ 8pm! Get your teams together as this is going to be a great finish to a great year for the Bashers!

New Basher: Peyton Manning

Born November 30th. 3.13 kg.

Loose’s Last Hurrah

Gents As you may or may not know I've relocated to Italy. I'm back in town this week thus it's going away drinks, Loose style at Kakadu.
The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Pleasure vs Pudong & Business vs Daredevils

Ouch... Back to back losses - but at least we competed all the way and weren't facing a world record run chase.
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