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Bashers Cricket Club

2012 November

New Basher: Jackson James Yee

Born November 27th. 2.98 kg.
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IRISH BALL – 16 March 2013

IRISH BALL IS COMING UP AND THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE IN BUYING TICKETS!!!!!! The Irish ball is the most popular ball in Shanghai and the tickets get sold out within 30mins of going on sale.

SINBAD on first ever City Weekend episode!!! Boo ya!!!

Bashers Masters 2012 Poll

With the golf starting early on Friday who do you think is going to walk away with the green jacket this year?

LATEX 500 – Karting Challenge

Come get your swerve on! Please join us in celebrating Latex’s birthday on Thursday, November 29th at Stampede.
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Business vs Hot Dogs & Pleasure vs Digital

Its the last Sunday of games before the Christmas break, so a great excuse to come out and have a run around before you enter a solid few weeks of drinking and eating!

Business Vs Pudong & Pleasure Vs Hot Dogs

2 games on at the same time this week so we need a good turn out to cover both games. Bus @ 2pm (TBC on the Friday before)

Business Vs Daredevils & Pleasure Vs Pudong

9 MORE BASHERS NEEDED FOR SUNDAY'S GAMES! Please confirm availability below Bus @ 12:45 (TBC on Friday)
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Indoor Availability

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the nforce Arena yesterday. A great effort in the D1 game with a nail biting finish to take the win, but with most of the team doubling up and playing the second game we ran out of steam and couldnt make it a double victory in a close finish.
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