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Bashers Cricket Club

2012 July

2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Pleasure v Devils Digital, July 29, 2012.

It's not pretty when you walk into The Camel Bar and the first thing you see is 10-15 of the most unfit, hung-over, loser-looking cretins you are ever likely to see. But, enough about the Voodoo Soccer Team. To the left of them, gathered around the pool table were God's gift to cricket, women and Shanghai bus drivers, The Bashers Pleasure and Leisure.

Business vs DPR Hot Dogs

Bashers CC vs DPR Hot Dogs @ Dulwich College 12: Back to work for the business.
2nd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

LUMBERJACK (Billy’s report)- Pleasure vs Hot Doggies 15th July 2012

Billy's Report!!! A fine day it was and a fantastic day for the Bashers!! From the pumping music provided by DJ Pothole to decisive tactics to even Sinbad disobeying the captain's orders for having a cheeky one, it was all happening on the bus with the leisure boys adding to the entertainment. It was bound to be an eventful day. Yes, the pleasure boys were all set and ready to rumble. Many were greeted to the half-naked Genghis who was sharing his mighty experiences.


Training is on tomorrow night as normal. The Korean is taking the rains tomorrow! Get down as early as you can as we have 2 big games this weekend.
The Bashers are so pretty The match as remembered by the Lumberjack Cricket Shanghai Road Trip!

SCC Pirates vs Lamma CC

Since I missed most of the actual game in the video, it is necessary to record some of the events of the day. I arrived at 11am as the token 3rd Division player selected - still something of a mystery to me too! The SCC shirt was provided, complete with dashing SCC-red stripes on the sides, and offering an interesting colour combination with the Bashers CC trousers and cap (marginally better than the Korean's flaming orange hat). The Bashers CC were represented by the "Inquisition", "Tank", and myself - plus we provided the scorer and umpire!
Cricket Shanghai Road Trip!

Dragons vs Japanese Men’s National Side

Guys Match will be against the Japanese Men's National team. This will be against a serious team, as we will be Japan's last warm-up match befoe they depart for the Men's World Cricket League tournament in Samoa from September 9-23.
3rd XI 2nd XI

Pleasure vs Digital Devils & Leisure vs Daredevils

Pleasure vs Digital Devils @ SRFC Far 9:00am Leisure vs Daredevils @ Dulwich 9:00am
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Hands Up!

Remaining fixtures 2012

I have just updated the blog calendar with the remaining fixtures of the season. Please can you all take a second to look over them and note them in your calendars.
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