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Bashers Cricket Club

2012 June

1st XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Business vs Pudong Power – 24th June – Lumberjack

Boy oh boy, did I pull the short straw on Lumberjacking this match. Apologies in advance for a somewhat short review – I think most involved in the game have spent the week trying to erase the 6 hours from our memory…

Girls Like Mystery Show Friday 29th June

Hey guys, Just to let you all know, my band will play a gig Friday 29th June (tonight) at Yuyintang. So yeah, it would be good if one person from cricket could actually come and see my band. Hopefully this night will be the night that one person actually comes to the show. Hope to see a Bashers jacket at YYT tonight. For all you teachers out there it will be half price, so make sure you bring teacher ID. xx
3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Bashers Leisure vs Daredevils – Sun 24 June

I don’t think there’ll ever be a Sunday start like this one.  The camel looked decidedly normal from the outside but the sight of SinBad, stickered cap on pointing the way,  swaying in the darkness like some dancing bear on steroids was enough to send any ultimate party animal into hysterics.



Thursday training

Training is booked and on, same place same time. Please let us know if you are going to make it down.
1st XI 3rd XI

Business Vs K2 and Leisure Vs Pudong DT

Triple Header? What triple header? Looking forward to the coming weekends games let me know if you are avalible. With a few faces bowing out for the summer there will be a few open spots for some returning faces.

Guinness Cup 2012 – Ireland v Scotland – June 23rd.

This Saturday afternoon will see these two great Celtic nations take to the field for the Guinness Cup out at the SRFC. A football game followed by a traditional shinty/hurling hit off.  First time in over 70 years Scotland and Ireland will play against each other in Shanghai. The Gaelic Athletic Association and the Shanghai Scottish Sports Club will provide the backbone of the Irish and Scottish teams respectively. When the Scots played the English a couple of months ago the Scots and their supporters smashed the record for bar receipts at the SRFC by consuming a whopping RMB 70K of alcohol in an afternoon and evening. Both squads are committed to breaking that record this weekend. The "craic" will be on big time so if you are a closet Celt get out there and get involved. Some great musicians are being brought in from across China to lead the post match  event and sing off.
On-Air stupidity

Hoggy’s – How to speak like a Yorkshire man – Part 2

If you've mastered part 1 of the how to here is part 2... If you ever hear the word "Nowt" - it means "nothing" "As tha' got owt for nowt agen shite shoes?" (also note shit is pronounced shite - like white)
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