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Bashers Cricket Club

2011 March

The lovely ladies.
just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world Cricket Shanghai Short attention span cricket

Santa Fe Sixes 2011

Two Bashers Sides have been entered. Get your name in now! Everyone (especially Geishas) welcome to come down. This is always a good day and a fine opportunity to fraternise with all of the Shanghai Cricket community.

Thursday Training

Same bat-time, same bat-place. Drinks after at the Camel. Comments of interest below. Don't be Burt Ward.
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Bashers, As you all know there is a monster weekend of cricket happening around the world this weekend, kicking off in Shanghai, where the SCC will be taking on Hong Kong's Lamma Island in the Annual Breezer Trophy.

Who has seen the BREEZER Trophy??

Guys, after been led in circles on a wild goose chase, we still don't know where the Breezer Trophy is being kept. Some THINK they saw it at Camel. Can anyone state when they last saw it, and where. LAMMA CC are visiting this weekend to play for the Trophy, and we need to find it by then. What a debacle...

Roots and Shoots Japan Quake Appeal 30 March

Attention all Bashers and friends of Bashers this includes the Devils reading our blog, Rather late notice but we need your support. Roots and Shoots our chosen Charity are hosting an event tomorrow evening to help raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross. I am sure all of you by now know how the Quake and following Tsunami has completely devastated many parts of the country side leaving those who are left with nothing and in in dire need of all the help they can get.

2011 SCC Kickoff Extravaganza

The SCC has organized a jam-packed weekend of cricket, from the Breezer Challenge and the Santa Fe Sixes to the SCC 2010 Awards night dinner and trophy and a live screening of the ICC World Cup Finals.

New Balance Jinqiao 8k for Roots and Shoots – April 10th

It's time for you all to dust off the lycra and your running shoes to get back out on the streets of Shanghai.
Cricket Shanghai

SCC Practice Match

With the upcoming Breezer Trophy match against Lamma CC from Hong Kong in early April the SCC has announced a trial match this Sunday.

Thursday Training

Thursday night sees the beginning of the new season with practice at 123 Yanping Road, San He Hua Yuan.

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks!

In honour of St Patrick's day I am going to post in Irish! Faigh an piss roinnt stíl níos mó Gaeilge ag anocht O'CAMEL d'aois ó aon uair a shocraíonn tú go bhfuil tú go leor oibre agus sainiúla le beagán den stuif dubh.
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