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Bashers Cricket Club

2010 November


Shanghai Marathon: send off and Fundraiser

Hi All, This Thursday from 7pm at the Camel we are handing out the race packs for the Shanghai Marathon. We will also do the pre race weigh-in. From their after will be encouraging wagers and sponsorship to support our race charity - The Geoff Howe fund.
Road Trip!

Pattaya and Phuket Cricket Sixes 2011

THOSE INTERESTED READ BELOW AND LET ME KNOW. IF ENOUGH WE"LL PUT A BASHERS TEAM TOGETHER Everything is looking fantastic for next years International Cricket Sixes Tournaments in April at Phuket and Pattaya, Thailand.

End of Season Function 2010

Here's the final word for you as the pieces fall together for this Friday. This is the biggest off field occasion for the Bashers this year and hopefully goes some way towards appeasing the long suffering Geishas.
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn

Bashers AGM Ballot

Dear clubmembers, Below are the nominations for the Bashers Committee 2011 as well as the two propositions that need to be voted on by the entire club on Friday.


A. Logistics Those that are coming down with the main party and leaving with the main party you have a bus to pick you up to an from the airport. The rest of you (Lady Dick, Tara, Sinbad, Birdshit, Stats and Oscar) that are making your own way the following link has the hotel details.

Asia Games

Hot off the press from the Pusher who is "Enjoying beer in the sun watching Mei Hua rip through Malaysia's batting line up here at Asian games."

Xiamen Training is ON this Thursday

Nets booked and I promise to bring a bat or two this time. See you from 6pm till 8pm. Drinks at Camel afterwards and pre-Xiaman prep.!
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn Hands Up! Beer


Dear Bashers, By now you should be getting pretty fired up about the Bashers Another Gay Meeting and prize-giving extravaganza.
Up close and personal with the Bashers Beer

The Parrot’s getting older- Basher drinks 11.11.2010

Drinks anyone.......... Probably all wondering where I have been all season for training and basher drinks.

Jimmy’s Chili Cook-off

The Perfect recovery session for the end of season function. Our favourite rural proprietor is taking off his shirt and opening his heart again in order to open your bowels. This seems to be right up the Basher's alley. Let's get ready to rural, i see a train carriage full of stained Blazers!
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