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Bashers Cricket Club

2010 May

1st XI Hands Up!

Business Team to Take Down Pudong

Gents, Business Boys are back in action this weekend, with a 12:15 game against Pudong. Selection:
2nd XI Hands Up!


Jimmy 'Bugs' Mcleod(C) Andy'Tank' Scott(VC) Mal 'Omega' Collins Tony 'Badabing' Finochiaro

Expo Quiz Results

First of all a massive thanks again to all the people who keep giving us prizes. However i get the feeling that if we gave away paper clips we'd still have the same response: huge!
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn The lovely ladies.
just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world

Messages for Slab

We thought it's be a good idea now that Geoff is starting to read again that we should find some way of telling him how our thoughts are with him and his family. Well here it is, so, share below how you are thinking of him and his family.

World Cup Sweepstakes

Amongst the madness of the Expo Quiz there was a draw for a world cup (the soccer one in SA next month - you may have heard of it) sweepstakes. The following coughed up some cash and this is the teams they got assigned. They're all in line to win some Just beer! I see some fierce rivalry coming up at the camel over this but it's nice to see how this may help sooth some cross-tasman tensions.
3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Leisure v Pudong CC | Sat 1PM Dulwich

Team line up thus far for the Leisure Game THIS SATURDAY v Pudong CC @ Dulwich: Dean Lapthorne
3rd XI The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Leisure vs Devils Lumberjack report

The highs and lows of cricket in Shanghai could not be better embodied than the plight of the Leisure Bashers. The ecstasy and euphoria from a thumping 10 wicket victory over Dulwich the week before was followed by the devastation and empty feeling of a 100 odd run loss to the Devils. We blame Paul "Terror" Turner and Garth "Shania" Muncy for their no show.
1st XI 3rd XI 2nd XI Hands Up!

Player Availability

All three squads in action this weekend. Sign up below if you're available to play.
2nd XI

DPR Hotdogs vs. Pleasure

@ SRFC Sunday 30 May 2010 SRFC East
DPR Hot Dogs 137/10 (3.17)
Bashers Pleasure 138/9 (7.38)
1st XI

Pudong CC vs. Business

@ SRFC Sunday 30 May 2010 SRFC East
Pudong Power 149/10 (2.89)
Bashers Business 153/7 (7.53)
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