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Bashers Cricket Club

2009 September

Lazy Sunday

Come to Shanghai's best wine bar and have a few drinks on a lazy Sunday afternoon. What better way to kick back on a Sunday than with a few drinks, and some great tunes in the background?


In addtion to the wonderful events found around town [including @ The Big Bamboo], Sponsors & Kooka Pies are hosting their 2009 Rugby League Grand Final as follows:

poobasher day cancelled

Due to underwhelming responses on both teams we have not gone ahead with plans for this Friday.

Bashers Pleasure v The Hard Dogs (the novel)

With the Bashers' fully loaded city bus express, chauffeured by Shanghai Transport Service's equivalent of a metro-sexual, heading straight for Bashers' Beach, the scent of victory and Lambrusco was thick in the air. The ride itself was mainly uneventful, if you don't count the fact that it was decided by unanimous vote that next year's Bashers uniform would basically be designed by Dolce and Gabbana (scarves, handkerchiefs and cummerbuns...please).

Sticks & Stones Indie Rock Night @ Harley Bar 10th October

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes its true: Sticks and Stones have arrived in Shanghai. Sticks and Stones will be starting an indie rock night at Harley Bar on October 10th. This will be a monthly event. Don't miss opening night as it's going to be massive!!!!!!!

Possible PooBashers Day this Friday

If there are enough keen souls, we will arrange a cricket game on Friday afternoon against our friends , the Pudong cricket club. Game to be played at the SRFC where we can be Bashers !!

Police Report: Million Tree Quiz

Well that's not the kind of controversial ending we expected but exciting it was. Most importantly we made a whole bunch of cash for the Million Tree Project - enough to plant 250 trees!
2nd XI Hands Up!

Last Minute Pleasure Selections

Sorry about the late notice - been busy doing community service for disturbing the peace. Bit short still for tomorrow - let me know if you can come help!
1st XI Hands Up!

Bashers Business XI vs The Hot Dogs

Gents, Big game tomorrow (the biggest Bashers event of the day in fact - given the postponement of Bashers Day).
The lovely ladies.
just wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world We love trivia! Beer

Family Day Postponed! Quiz! Players Needed! Blazers!

It is with much regret that we must postpone Bashers Family Day this Saturday. As only 16 members have confirmed their availability, and 11 of those playing Saturday morning we need to postpone to a day when the majority of you are available. It's your club and we all need to show our appreciation to those who give us the free time to enjoy our cricket.
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