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Bashers Cricket Club

2009 August

Cricket Shanghai Hands Up!

Game Schedule has changed !! Updates to follow

The schedule for all divisions has changed due to the SRFC only having one ground available at present.
1st XI 2nd XI Cricket Shanghai Hands Up! Beer

Games on Sunday

Bashers, Another massive weekend to look forward to with a big double header. The Business Team are taking on our biggest rivals - The Hot Dogs - who seem to somehow have snuck above us in the league... Kick off at 12:15


Last reminder to all; the crawl starts @ The Big Bamboo from 6:30. BLAZERS please gents....lets try and at least look respectable, even if our behaviour is questionable at most times.

Training Canceled

Due to inclement weather, training is again canceled. Strategy sessions at Big Bamboo to commence at six.
1st XI 2nd XI Hands Up! Beer Road Trip!

Training, Pub Crawl and Super Sunday

Bashers, As the title to the post suggests - three things to highlight... (I am not clever enought to insert links though):
Website, Membership, Elections, Committee... Yawn

Bashers Jackets – Order now

Guys we didnt make a big deal out of this last week , but it IS A BIG DEAL !! We have managed to get a new tailor to make the Bashers jackets for RMB 400 , which is 250rmb cheaper than we payed last year !
The match as remembered by the Lumberjack

Unlucky Australia…

... well done England. No gloating from me, I promise... The Ashes - 5th Test England v Australia

Sizzling Super Thursday Results

Once again a special evening in fine company. So much action was taking place at the Bamboo last night that nary a soul did more than peek at the final ashes test unfolding on the peripheral screens.

Bashers Pub Crawl: Friday 28th August

We've been in training for month for this, no lets get it on! The time has come to step up to the plate and GET LOOSE, PUB CRAWL STYLE!
1st XI 2nd XI Cricket Shanghai Short attention span cricket Beer

Santa Fe 6s – Admin

Bashers, Sunday sees the annual Santa Fe 6's competition. Due to the fact that the Bashers are the heart beat of the SCC, we have 2 teams in the competition.
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